Score 88.5. Bourbon varietals. Such a sweet coffee across the recommended roast spectrum, sugarcane juice, a sachet of clove powder and all spice, black currant tea, and an aromatic note of orange on the nose. City to Full City. While this is a second lot of Kazoza N'Ikawa coffee, the cup profile is right in line with the the sweet-spiced profile of the first. The dry fragrance produces sugar browning sweetness with a sprinkling of spice accents and citrus peel. Adding hot water raises an intense scent of dark caramel in the steam, with a complex sachet of clove and all spice. City roasts brew nicely, a delicious spiced-sweetness is front and center, and vivid acidity adds structure to the cup. A compromise is often made when light roasting, trading out developed sweetness for acidity and complexity. But this isn't the case with Kazoza N'Ikawa, and the cooling cup has a sweetness like sugarcane juice, that along with hints of black currant tea and warming spice that resonate in the aroma and aftertaste. Black tea-like acidic impression highlights the lighter roasts, with an aromatic note of orange on the nose. A flavor of semi sweet chocolate chips lingers at Full City, and the flavor profile edges into dark fruit accent notes, with grape aroma.

Burundi Kazoza

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