Score 87.5 The restrained sweetness opens up to perfumed honey as the coffee cools, Baklava pastry, honey cake, fresh fruited accent notes, raw panela, dark stone fruits and more. City to Full City.
Caturra Types, Bourbon Types, Modern Hybrids
A delicate floral note is found in the fragrance of light roasts, like the perfumed side of honey, with just a touch of rosewater and nut (think Balkava pastry). Medium roasts of this coffee smell clean and very sweet, honey being a theme across the board. Pouring hot water brought up a scent of dark honey with fresh fruited accent notes. When brewed, the sweetness is restrained while the coffee is still hot, but builds in intensity as it cools off some. Finca San Carlos' coffee opens up to notes of honey cake and raw panela sugar that play off of fruited accents of dark, ripe stone fruit, balancing out any roast bittering flavors. Full City roasts brew nicely too. The dark fruit flavors are even more at the forefront, juxtaposing delicious bittersweet chocolate flavors, and with a sweet prune note in the finish that brought to mind Dr Pepper soda.

Colombia Urrao

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