Cupping notes: Score 86 – White grape, green tea, Honey, jasmine, kiwi, meyer lemon.

Varietals: Batian, Ruiru 11

Ciumenene Estate is 1.7 hectares of coffeee located on the Kiamworia ridge in Kiambu County. This is Daniel Kamiri Njoroge’s land, livlihood and passion – he is proud to say he is ‘self-employed’. The name Ciumenene means something like ‘may the harvest (results) be big’ in Kikuyu, a rallying call used by Daniel’s grandfather. The name, then, not only speaks to an early memory of coffee and the traditions he’s inherented, but provides an ever-present motivation to improve. Even at age 60 Daniel continues to improve his farm, most recently planting indignous shade trees and installing a biodigester that converts cow droppings into kitchen gas.

Kenya Ciumenene AA

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